At Clark Communications, environmental stewardship is an integral part of our mission as industry leaders in print, marketing, and communication solutions. Our eco-friendly practices reduce energy consumption, minimize waste, and maintain healthier facilities while delivering the cutting-edge products and services you expect.



Sustainability lies at the foundation of every job. Once you place your order, we carefully analyze how to minimize environmental impact at every step of production, from brainstorming to delivery.  

We map out the most efficient materials and processes – from digital proofing to sustainable inks and recycled paper – to deliver your order while saving money, time, and environmental impact.

We plan and consolidate delivery routes to minimize mileage, save fuel, and reduce emissions.

Proofing & Plating

There’s never been a better time to embrace the digital side of printing. Many of our print jobs are 100% digital from proof to plate, which saves time, paper, and money. We reuse metal plates for repeat jobs on our highest volume small format press.

Inks, Coatings, & Chemicals

Our eco-friendly inks and solvents minimize emissions and energy consumption while still delivering the vibrant colors and high-quality printing that you know and expect.


  • Low VOC vegetable-based inks.

  • LED cold-cured inks, which are used exclusively in our wide format printing to eliminate VOCs and heat production.

  • Solvent-free inks that produce no VOC emissions during curing.

Eco-friendly solvents and automatic wash-up systems reduce VOC emissions and maintain healthy air quality.

Green Printing with UV Technology

Our new Komori H-UV printing press combines the best aspects of sustainable printing with outstanding quality and production.


  • Zero ozone production, minimal heat production, and maximum energy efficiency with H-UV technology.
  • 60% less CO2 production over conventional UV curing systems.
  • Significant reduction in VOC emissions with solvent-free inks and automatic wash-up systems


  • Paper options: Print on specialty stocks (e.g., uncoated or matte) and create special effects with numerous glosses and reticulating varnishes.
  • Flexible sizing: Print on stocks up to 29” long by 20” wide
  • Save time and money: Short make-readies, instant cure times, and energy efficiency mean faster turnarounds and significant cost savings
  • Superb image quality: No varnishes required to seal inks and no anti-offset powder needed, which eliminates risk of “powder burns” and improves handling during press and binding 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

They’re more than buzzwords; they’re a way of life at Clark Communications. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from sustainable business practices backed by 35 years of marketing and communication success. 

We wash and reuse all press rags.

We recycle all:
Toner cartridges, Paper waste , Metal plates , Aluminum drink cans


Sustainable Upgrades

At Clark Communications, we’re continually upgrading our facilities to improve energy efficiency, promote sustainable practices, and reduce costs that we can pass on to you. 

We are replacing our florescent lighting with ballast-free LED lighting, which reduces total wattage consumption, reduces electricity usage by 60%, and eliminates hazardous waste produced by florescent tubes and ballasts.


Our air conditioning systems use MERV11 filters to remove all dust, powder, and other particulates to improve air quality, and we change these filters monthly to improve air flow efficiency and reduce energy/repair costs.


We are actively researching new inks for our full color press that eliminate the use of anti-offset powder and the IR drying unit to improve air and production quality while reducing heat production.