bgreenBill Green

Cross-Channel Marketing Manager
Clark Higher Ed

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Bill is a seasoned marketing strategist who opened his own advertising and design agency in Asheville, NC more years ago than he cares to admit. Over the years, Bill’s strategic toolkit has grown as technological innovations expanded marketing channels exponentially. Always staying several steps ahead of the curve, Bill augmented his design background by immersing himself in relational database management and constantly evolving web and Internet technologies. Before joining Clark Communications early in 2013, Bill excelled in variable data and cross-channel campaign development for a variety of markets including higher education, non-profit, and finance, winning numerous awards from both PICA and the American Marketing Association. As a people manager, Bill is experienced in developing and implementing digital workflow procedures.

Bill is a “jack-of-many-trades,” but he also knows that there is always someone around who is bigger, smarter, faster or stronger than he is. (Luckily, he usually knows where to find them!)

He is father to 2 children and a now a grandfather (how did that happen?!). Bill enjoys golf, gardening, and cooking. Occasionally, his wife is able to steal him away for a little travel.