Highest Enrollment in 107 Years

Toccoa Falls College '14 Undergraduate Search


Founded in 1907, Toccoa Falls College has a long and distinguished history in academic and religious studies. Creating an integrated search campaign provided an opportunity to ensure that the college’s brand message and image were consistent across all communications channels from the first search postcard to signage directing prospective students on campus tours.


Clark worked with Toccoa Falls’ enrollment and admissions professionals to create a fully integrated search campaign that combined sophisticated digital strategies with traditional print campaigns as well as campus signage to maximize the impact of the college’s unique brand message.

Clark’s multi-channel strategy included data segmentation, a customized search microsite with responsive mobile design, variable data email and print campaigns that directed prospects to a personalized website.

This automated campaign included real-time lead notification and follow-up print and email campaigns to entice students from inquiry to enrollment to deposits.


In an era of declining college enrollments, Toccoa Falls is currently on track to welcome the largest incoming class in the institution’s 107-year history!